Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Dress Rehearsal?

I've heard it on Travel Channel again and again.. and again:

Discover Norway - one of the most facinating countries in the world.

Being born and raised in this country I tend to forget - and I actually have travelled far too little here.

In the urge of a dress rehearsal prior to my excursion to the Americas, I've desided to visit picturesque Halden tomorrow (probably one of the least spectacular parts of Norway nearby the Swedish border - no mountains or northern lights). Nevertheless - they have a canal, a fort where the Swedish King Karl XII was killed in 1718.. and they have my sister and her lovely family!

According to Norwegian TV2 they live in one of Norway's most beautiful homes. I've been there an endless number of times - and I coudn't agree more. I'm looking forward to a couple of days of recreation and quality time. Check out Hanne's blog if you want to see more of her house!

Calling this little holiday a dress rehearsal is an underestimation of large dimensions - and quite naive to be honest: There are most likely more differences than parities between the two - but I'm fully aware of that! :))

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