Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Impressions day #14: Green-Wood Cemetery

Exploring our neighbourhood in Brooklyn has always been on our schedule, yet we never seem to do it. Nevertheless, yesterday - originally on the search for Gus' Pickles - we ended up walking through the streets of Sunset Park and in the facinating Tim Burton-esque Green Wood Cemetery.

We came in via the maintenance entrance.

- Eh, Ladies! An elderly African American park-guard peaked out of his shed. A sly smile. - Have you ever been to Green-Wood before? No?? Pause. -You can get lost y'know - like many have before you. And y'aint wanna get lost in there. Pause. - Look what I've got! He handed us a map.  So you're here now - that's a pond, that and that and that entrance is only open in the weekends, that's the chapel, the mausoleum and the crematory. Careful by the crematory - look what happend to me! He started laughing. -Enjoy the park and the peace, ladies!

The Green-Wood Cemetery opened in 1838 and was, at the time, the largest outdoor park in New York City. It's really beautiful: Winding paths, rolling hills, Victorian sculpture, manmade lakes and nature.

We were met by a sign saying photographing was not allowed. As law-abiding Norwegians we didn't take any. The pictures shown were found here. 

We might have been too law-abiding in this case though - considering that so many has photographed it already. The Green-Wood Cemetery is a photographer's heaven.

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  1. You may take photos at eh Cemetery's discretion, and thanks for using mine :)

    Hope you enjoyed your tour.

    Take pix next time.

    PS. and the guard's name is Edward