Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When the world takes an unexpected turn..

Sometimes the world just takes a turn that's too hard to blog about.

Some of you might think that I am in Mexico - but just a few hours prior to my scheduled departure last tuesday one of my sisters called and told my not to go after all. Our dad was seriously ill and the doctors did not think that he would make it. Incidents like this just throw your world around - and all of a sudden six weeks in Mexico was the last thing I wished for. By noon I was at the hospital. He passed away three days later - peaceful and calm. 

I will always appreciate that I got to be a part of the crazy and truly facinating world of my dad - a world that turned out to be my family and of course an endless line of good stories and laughs. He had a long and happy life that I imagine most people can only wish for. I certainly do. Reading about him in the newspapers, watching the news and all that is slightly surreal, though. 

Blogging about this does feel too personal for me, so I will stop now - but as I've asked the lot of you to follow I felt that I owe you an explanation for the lack of posts. 

I will continue blogging - when I am ready.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Destination #3

Three days and counting. The last days have been really busy in a not so good way - and therefore the recent lack of blog posts. The problem is - I've sort of waited to do things until the last minute - and on top of that a couple of unfortunate events have been messing my schedule up even more. Nevertheless - it always tends to work out in the end - this time I thank heavens for good friends and neighbours! What should I do without them, eh? I'm calmer now! :)

The third stop on our trott around Mexico is going to be the vibrant, colourful and convivial city of Oaxaca (prenounced Wa-hah-kah). Quite the contrast from Norway in November I imagine. Oaxaca is known for their top-class museums, lovely architecture and its own flavorsome version of Mexican cuisine. Being above average interested in food - this should be a real treat! Did you know that "mole" means sauce? Well, Oaxaca is  famous for their variety of moles!

In Oaxaca we'll be attending Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival. The festival is the newest member of the dynamic and energized cinematic community that has emerged within the area over the last decade. To be honest, I haven't had time to check out the program yet, but according to the festival website the festival is designed to be a competitive event, that aims to provide a platform for both the talents of seasoned filmmakers as well as emerging artists to showcase their work.

Wish you all a very happy weekend :))

I need one more book for my travel - any suggestions?

Thursday, 14 October 2010

They also want to go to Mexico # 1

- We all love denim, rock'n'roll and the same festivals; we have roots in the south of Norway (Hank); we live in Oslo and are fond of characteristic eye-makeup!  BUT turns out there is more thing to add to the list of what Turbonegro and I have in common: They're longing for a holiday in Mexico!  (Or at least they did in 2004)

This clip is from the hysterically funny live show of the Norwegian comedians in Team Antonsen.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Destination #2

Rumours has it that Mexico City is one of the most bohemian cities in the world  - which makes me think it ought to be right up my alley. Since August I've been living in a little seafront town, Grimstad, in the south of Norway - and due to this, I guess,  my longing for urban living is even more prominent than normal. I'm looking forward to discovering the mosaic of impulses and senses of Mexico's metropolian capital. We're planning on visiting for a week or so -hopefully we'll have time to get a real impression of the city's notorious atmosphere.

During our stay we'll also experience the  celebration of the Day of the Dead - Día de los Muertos. It's an indigenous tradition unique to Mexico, and even though it may sound a bit occult it's supposed to be an occaion for telling funny stories, bonding with friends and family and celebrating life.

 The beautiful photos I've borrowed for this post I found at National Geographic's pages on Travel and Culture. I recommend you all to visit. Their pages are really inspirational. If you've been to Mexico City please let me know your "dos and donts" :))

Monday, 11 October 2010

Destination #1: Nu vil æ færra te Mexicooo!

nærmer det seg virkelig. Reisefeberen har utvilsomt satt seg. I dag fikk jeg satt den siste vaksinen,  har fylt inn skjemaene for å mellomlande i USA (kostet meg 14 USD, så det bør være en allright flyplass) - og gått til innkjøp av det mest nødvendige som jeg ikke har fra før. Ja - jeg har faktisk jobbet med den pakkelisten ;)

Bildet er hentet fra mexicotravelguideblog.com
Vår første destinasjon i Mexico er Morelia. I følge Lonely Planet er byen "the coolest place you've ever been" - og den har stått på verdensarvlisten til UNESCO siden 1991 på grunn av den unike og velbevarte arkitekturen fra 15- og 1600-tallet. - Ser dere ikke for dere Lene og meg vandre rundt i nydelige gater, omgitt av arkitektoniske mesterverk - på ivrig søken etter det yrende og anerkjente kulturlivet??

Jeg tror nok at det skal bli forholdsvis enkelt å finne: Den 8. Internasjonale Filmfestivalen i Morelia avvikles mens vi er der! Festivalen har etablert seg som en viktig møteplass for Mexicos filmbransje, filminteresseerte, og nye nasjonale - og internasjonale filmskapere. Blant annet kommer skuespiller Javier Bardem og regissørene Alejandro González Iñárritu, Terry Gilliam og Doris Dörrie dit i år - i tillegg til Lene og meg, såklart! ;)

Festivalen har plukket ut 86 filmer i konkurranseprogrammene. I tillegg vil det vises flere sideprogrammer som ser utrolig spennende ut. Dere som vil vite mer om festivalen kan lese her.


Jeg er ambivalent i forhold til hvorvidt jeg skal blogge på norsk eller engelsk - er tross alt tospråklig og ny i bloggens verden. Så langt har mitt spontane jeg tatt avgjørelsen - i dag ble det norsk. Hvis dere har ønsker eller kommentarer så hører jeg dem gjerne. Men husk at det ikke er æ, ø og å på tastaturene i Mexico. ;)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Norges viktigste fashion statement:

All that ..and a bag of grashoppers?

Spending my autumn holiday in tranquil Halden with my sister and nephew is lovely. It really is. I've had to time to read Zadie Smith's On Beauty, been to cute cafés and fully enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather! I don't think I've seen anything like it since I lived in Ottawa, Canada. I just love the warm natural colours and the crisp air. All this time of relaxing makes me expect that my batteries are fully loaded and that I'm feeling energized for the busy week ahead of me by monday.

I honestly don't think I've talked to much about Mexico the last days, but still we've ended up with Mexican food almost every day! Tacos thursday, Chili con Carne yesterday and today we've had Fajitas on the menu.. salsa and guacamole - all home made, of course! jummy!! I must say - I simply love everything my sister makes - in my opinion she is the definision of a dometic goddess :)) Nevertheless, now I feel so stuffed that I can't do anything but lying on the coach and do some research on my destinations in Mexico! 

My sister - The Domestic Goddess!

Talking of Mexican Cuisine; I've read that fried grashoppers is a speciality in Oaxaca... Don't know if that's my cup of tea, but we'll just have to see about that, I guess!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Making that magical list..

Why is it we always tend to expose doing important things until the last minute?

Today it occured to me that this adventure of ours really is just around the corner. Twelve days. Twelve days!!

Nevertheless - our travel itinerary is getting there and it's time to take to consideration what on earth to pack. My luggage is limited to a 45 L backpack, and shall contain what I need for a six weeks journey including two film festivals, beach, mountains and what have you!

Taking my next week's schedule in consideration I know for sure that it will be somewhat hectic; teaching, packing and moving - and on top of that I'm going to take care of my baby nephew for the weekend. Heading for Oslo the following sunday; meet a friend of mind for her 30th birthday; Goldfrapp concert with Thea monday evening - and we're off! På gjensyn, Norge - Hola, Mexico!

So I guess I'll follow my travel companion Lene's advice and start making this magical list today - or maybe tomorrow... or when I'm back from my holiday in Halden.. just kidding - I'll start right now.. mosquito nett, first aid kit, gaffa..

Don't hesitate posting your advices :))

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Dress Rehearsal?

I've heard it on Travel Channel again and again.. and again:

Discover Norway - one of the most facinating countries in the world.

Being born and raised in this country I tend to forget - and I actually have travelled far too little here.

In the urge of a dress rehearsal prior to my excursion to the Americas, I've desided to visit picturesque Halden tomorrow (probably one of the least spectacular parts of Norway nearby the Swedish border - no mountains or northern lights). Nevertheless - they have a canal, a fort where the Swedish King Karl XII was killed in 1718.. and they have my sister and her lovely family!

According to Norwegian TV2 they live in one of Norway's most beautiful homes. I've been there an endless number of times - and I coudn't agree more. I'm looking forward to a couple of days of recreation and quality time. Check out Hanne's blog if you want to see more of her house!

Calling this little holiday a dress rehearsal is an underestimation of large dimensions - and quite naive to be honest: There are most likely more differences than parities between the two - but I'm fully aware of that! :))

Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Crazy World..

I'm heading for new adventures the middle of October, and this little bird has been whispering in my ear that it's about time to create a blog. So here we go then - you and I - to the crazy world of blogging, travelling and what have you!

Feel free to follow - I don't mind whether you're an old bag or a fresh daisy :)

I'll do my best to keep you posted.

Start. Enjoy.