Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Safe and sound!

Travelling can be exhausting - and even though yesterday's journey went smoothly I felt knackered when I finally arrived after approximately 20 hours on the go. The big fat rat at Jamaica Station almost made me faint though, - the guy I asked which way the train was going looked quite worried when obviously had no idea of where I was:

"This train is going uptown." 
"Right, so Brooklyn is the other way, then?" 
"Ehm.. Yeah!?!" 

AND I felt kind of lost when my phone failed to work when I was supposed to call Lene from the train and let her know I was on my way  - and that she should come meet me. It helped to get out of the subway (of course)!

Nevertheless - I'm here now - safe and sound.  The apartment is perfect. Now it's time for some exploring of the city in the sunny daylight! 

I'll keep you posted with pictures and all that! ;)


  1. Love, love, love. Tommel opp for vel fremme :)


  2. Hurra!...og jeg håper du byr på hyppige oppdateringer!..Kos deg snuppelura <3

  3. Kos deg Nille!!! Åååååååh, den som kunne være i New York!!! Du må jo stå på skøyter ved Rockefeller Center og drkke hot chocolate :))

    klem fra Mona***