Friday, 19 November 2010

Impressions day #10: Hanne's Birthday

Yesterday was my sister Hanne's birthday - hence we let our day be inspired by her: What would Hanne done if she was spending her big day in NYC?

Rough start. We were out of coffee. Hanne surely wouldn't like that. On her birthday!! We dressed up in our smarest clothes and headed for Manhattan. Our first stop of the day?

Porto Rico Importing Co. in The Village - for a good, fresh cup of black coffee AND half a pound of medium roast Brazilian Espresso. Mmmm! So, Hanne would probably have chosen Starbucks - but she hasn't been to Porto Rico, has she?

A vintage shop - or three - on the way, of course.

..and then we just had to stop by Magnolia Bakery in Bleecker Street for a cupcake! My sister is highly associated with cupcakes among her friends - not particularly for eating them - but for the domestic art of making the most beautiful kind. Magnolia's cupcakes are a good alternative. They look and taste amazing!

Gift shopping.. at Marc by Marc Jacobs! Just a little something, Hanne.. don't get over-excited :) And some christmas shopping and other shopping as well. The Marc Jacobs Bookshop BookMarc in Bleecker Street if you're into arts, fashion and photography - great place for inspiration! My Mamma is starting to get nervous for how I'm going to get all this stuff home - I look more than I shop, of course.

 The New Museum - a leading destination for new art and new ideas. The exhibitions The Last Newspaper and Free were both very interesting; a meeting point for the old and new medias and their artistic values. AND it's free entrance at thursdays between 7 and 9 pm! Perfect!

At last - satisfied and slightly tired - we went to Von to have a good closure on a really good day. Crowed place, but good vibe!

So, you had a very good birthday in NYC, Sis! I hope you've had an absolutely fabulous day back home :)

Heaps of love,



  1. Hei snille snuske dusk!

    Å så fint jeg hadde det i NYC i går da! Takk for kalaset og jeg kan ikke vente med å se alt det lekre du har skaffet deg for var det i min ånd har du bedrevet "some serious shopping!"
    Det er så godt og se og vite at jeg kan bidra til at du koser deg "glugg ihjel" i uniten! Det er deg vel undt men gleder meg til å få deg tilbake til gamlelandet!

    Love ya!

  2. Haha - ikke sant? Vi tok litt av på shoppingen i går ja! Jeg har kjøpt nye boots! <3 Må innrømme at det er ganske så gøy å være deg på tur!

    Gleder meg til å se deg igjen om ikke lenge - men skal nok kose meg litt til her først ;)