Saturday, 20 November 2010

Impressions day #11: MoMA

MoMA - where to start? Visiting this heaven for the first time leaves you with an overwhelming impression - a beautiful mosaic of a collection of arts - some that you know already, the ones you've bearly heard of, and the artist you don't know at all. This mosaic sticks with you.

My personal favourites were the photography exhibitions 'New Photography 2010' and 'Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography'.

I could just see them again and again....

 Ilse Bing. Self-Portrait in Mirrors.

Barbara Morgan. Martha Graham, "Letter To the World".  

 Nan Goldin. Nan and Brian in Bed.

Sally Mann. Untitled.

Pictures found here. 

MoMA is free of charge every Friday between four and eight - but have really good membership deals if you want to visit often.


  1. those are very arty pics.. very interesting =)

  2. these pics are great....especially the 2nd and the last one. the face impression of the girl in the last pic is just stunning!