Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Impressions day #8: Hip, Hipper, Hipster.

Yesterday was a good one: Had a proper New York Lunch at the original Shake Shack by Madison Square Park - known for their remarkably good burgers and milkshakes and the two hour line! Delish!

Lene got her photos developed. I actually miss the analogue cameras - just something about the waiting, the expectations and the exited feeling of getting the actual prints in your hand!

Arriving at The Music Hall for yesterdays Glasser concert the same evening it came apparent: The indie indie-scene of Hipsterville aka Williamsburg is so indie that it almost isn't indie anymore. They all look alike - AND they all look ilke we do back home - I mean even the 'Party Swedes' are present. So, have we all been Hipsters all this time whitout realizing? Is the laid back Scandinavian comfort clothing the trendsetter for the hipsters in NYC - or did the hipsters first arrive in Williamsburg? Who's the copy cat and who is the trendsetter? A classic "hen or the egg"-theory - yet it's somewhat irrelevant. Don't get me wrong; many of them look great! The facts to face though, is that the hipsters of 2010 are lacking to be innovative - just like it's been a long time since the indies really were independent. 

Hipsters aside; We enjoyed ourselves at a cool venue with hip and beautiful people AND last but not the least, an amazing gig by Glasser!

(I expect that they'll be on a Norwegian festival line-up or two next season)

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  1. That Shake Shack sounds wonderful. A two hour line? Seriously? Wow, must be worth it.