Saturday, 16 October 2010

Destination #3

Three days and counting. The last days have been really busy in a not so good way - and therefore the recent lack of blog posts. The problem is - I've sort of waited to do things until the last minute - and on top of that a couple of unfortunate events have been messing my schedule up even more. Nevertheless - it always tends to work out in the end - this time I thank heavens for good friends and neighbours! What should I do without them, eh? I'm calmer now! :)

The third stop on our trott around Mexico is going to be the vibrant, colourful and convivial city of Oaxaca (prenounced Wa-hah-kah). Quite the contrast from Norway in November I imagine. Oaxaca is known for their top-class museums, lovely architecture and its own flavorsome version of Mexican cuisine. Being above average interested in food - this should be a real treat! Did you know that "mole" means sauce? Well, Oaxaca is  famous for their variety of moles!

In Oaxaca we'll be attending Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival. The festival is the newest member of the dynamic and energized cinematic community that has emerged within the area over the last decade. To be honest, I haven't had time to check out the program yet, but according to the festival website the festival is designed to be a competitive event, that aims to provide a platform for both the talents of seasoned filmmakers as well as emerging artists to showcase their work.

Wish you all a very happy weekend :))

I need one more book for my travel - any suggestions?


  1. Høres helt fantastisk ut!!! :) Angående bok er vi litt usikre. :)


  2. Hei søte Nille:)

    Du skriver utrolig bra på engelsk!! Så flink du er:) Du er så heldig som skal dit! Misunner deg:) Før jeg ble syk leste jeg veldig mye.. Men, nå kan jeg ikke lese på grunn av hodepinen.. Men, jeg vil anbefale en bok som heter Sarahs nøkkel! Har du lest den?:)

    Klem fra C:)

  3. Ja, vi som har sett Frida, filmen om Frida Kahlo, vet at mole betyr saus ;)

    Bok: Mötley Crue: The dirt-confessions of the world's most notorius rock band. Fantastisk gross og bra bok om rock'n'roll!

  4. Hva som helst av Haruki Murakami!