Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When the world takes an unexpected turn..

Sometimes the world just takes a turn that's too hard to blog about.

Some of you might think that I am in Mexico - but just a few hours prior to my scheduled departure last tuesday one of my sisters called and told my not to go after all. Our dad was seriously ill and the doctors did not think that he would make it. Incidents like this just throw your world around - and all of a sudden six weeks in Mexico was the last thing I wished for. By noon I was at the hospital. He passed away three days later - peaceful and calm. 

I will always appreciate that I got to be a part of the crazy and truly facinating world of my dad - a world that turned out to be my family and of course an endless line of good stories and laughs. He had a long and happy life that I imagine most people can only wish for. I certainly do. Reading about him in the newspapers, watching the news and all that is slightly surreal, though. 

Blogging about this does feel too personal for me, so I will stop now - but as I've asked the lot of you to follow I felt that I owe you an explanation for the lack of posts. 

I will continue blogging - when I am ready.


  1. no, so sad .. :( hope everything will be ok soon, 'cause it always does !