Thursday, 7 October 2010

Making that magical list..

Why is it we always tend to expose doing important things until the last minute?

Today it occured to me that this adventure of ours really is just around the corner. Twelve days. Twelve days!!

Nevertheless - our travel itinerary is getting there and it's time to take to consideration what on earth to pack. My luggage is limited to a 45 L backpack, and shall contain what I need for a six weeks journey including two film festivals, beach, mountains and what have you!

Taking my next week's schedule in consideration I know for sure that it will be somewhat hectic; teaching, packing and moving - and on top of that I'm going to take care of my baby nephew for the weekend. Heading for Oslo the following sunday; meet a friend of mind for her 30th birthday; Goldfrapp concert with Thea monday evening - and we're off! På gjensyn, Norge - Hola, Mexico!

So I guess I'll follow my travel companion Lene's advice and start making this magical list today - or maybe tomorrow... or when I'm back from my holiday in Halden.. just kidding - I'll start right now.. mosquito nett, first aid kit, gaffa..

Don't hesitate posting your advices :))

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