Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Destination #2

Rumours has it that Mexico City is one of the most bohemian cities in the world  - which makes me think it ought to be right up my alley. Since August I've been living in a little seafront town, Grimstad, in the south of Norway - and due to this, I guess,  my longing for urban living is even more prominent than normal. I'm looking forward to discovering the mosaic of impulses and senses of Mexico's metropolian capital. We're planning on visiting for a week or so -hopefully we'll have time to get a real impression of the city's notorious atmosphere.

During our stay we'll also experience the  celebration of the Day of the Dead - Día de los Muertos. It's an indigenous tradition unique to Mexico, and even though it may sound a bit occult it's supposed to be an occaion for telling funny stories, bonding with friends and family and celebrating life.

 The beautiful photos I've borrowed for this post I found at National Geographic's pages on Travel and Culture. I recommend you all to visit. Their pages are really inspirational. If you've been to Mexico City please let me know your "dos and donts" :))


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