Sunday, 10 October 2010

All that ..and a bag of grashoppers?

Spending my autumn holiday in tranquil Halden with my sister and nephew is lovely. It really is. I've had to time to read Zadie Smith's On Beauty, been to cute cafés and fully enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather! I don't think I've seen anything like it since I lived in Ottawa, Canada. I just love the warm natural colours and the crisp air. All this time of relaxing makes me expect that my batteries are fully loaded and that I'm feeling energized for the busy week ahead of me by monday.

I honestly don't think I've talked to much about Mexico the last days, but still we've ended up with Mexican food almost every day! Tacos thursday, Chili con Carne yesterday and today we've had Fajitas on the menu.. salsa and guacamole - all home made, of course! jummy!! I must say - I simply love everything my sister makes - in my opinion she is the definision of a dometic goddess :)) Nevertheless, now I feel so stuffed that I can't do anything but lying on the coach and do some research on my destinations in Mexico! 

My sister - The Domestic Goddess!

Talking of Mexican Cuisine; I've read that fried grashoppers is a speciality in Oaxaca... Don't know if that's my cup of tea, but we'll just have to see about that, I guess!

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  1. hihi...du får meg til å høres helt FAB ut og jeg liker det;)!!!